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With SopFilter you can watch SopCast channels by WMP directly
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SopFilter is a plug-in designed to help you watch online TV with the help of the Windows Media Player. Actually, with the help of this plug-in you can watch SopCast channels without the hassle of installing the client on your computer.

With the help of the Peer-to-Peer technology, SopCast facilitates the watching of videos or of online TV, and also allows you to listen to radio.

The installation process is pretty straightforward: it just installs the plug-in, without other unnecessary features and with no need of complicated configurations. After that you just have to open the WMP, select “file,” then “open URL” and enter the address of whichever channel you wish to watch.

With the help of Windows Media Player, you can also create a playlist of your favorite channels. This is a very useful feature because it eliminates the need of entering the address every time you want to watch TV.

If you want to embed the player into a web page, this plug-in might prove useful. The code necessary for this can be found in the manual attached to the plug-in installation kit.

Briefly, SopFilter integrates all the useful features of Sopcast into the Windows Media Player.

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